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Central America was never an area that really captured my heart or mind, until it did. I travelled here for the first time in 2015, for two months through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua. The negative reputation quickly fell to the wayside and I fell madly in love. The turquoise water and white sand beaches of the Caribbean. The ancient mayan ruins that grow from the jungle like the towering Volcanos that dot the landscape. My inner adventurer had found heaven. It is a challenging place to travel, at times dangerous, but any seasoned traveller or adventurer will quickly fall for the wild and untamed nature of Central America. I got sick, robbed, lost valuables, and had to absolute time of my life. I worked in a hostel on a hill, and it is still my best job to date.


2 years later, the pull intensified as I planned my trip to South America, and I made my grand return. Starting in Nicaragua, I journeyed south through Costa Rica and Panama before embarking on an incredible 5-day sailing trip to Colombia. One of my favourite regions of the world, and one that pulls me back in over and over again.


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Central America


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