“I drift like a cloud,
Across these venerable eastern lands,
A journey of unfathomable distances,
An endless scroll of experiences…
Lady Zhejiang here we must part,
For the next province awaits my embrace.
Sad wanderer, once you conquer the East,
Where do you go?”
Tom Carter, China: Portrait of a People

Explore Asia…

I first travelled to Asia at the tender age of 9. I accompanied my parents as they chaperoned a group of high school students on a trip to China. We spent three weeks exploring, and my fascination with Eastern culture and religion was born. It is no surprise the on the heels of a breakup, and after having spent time studying Buddhism as an elective in University, my first long term backpacking trip would take me to South East Asia. It is one of those incredible areas of the world that mixes exotic culture, delectable food, and idyllic beaches that backpackers and travellers can’t resist. I have since visited 12 countries in Asia, from the wild subcontinent of India to the island paradise of the Philippines and everything in between.

My love affair with Asia is stronger than ever, and it is an area of the world that will forever draw me in and feel like home.


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A day of traveling will bring a basketful of learning. — Vietnamese Proverb


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