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Since the beginning of time women have gathered in circle. Sharing, connecting and holding scared space for each other. Gathering around the Full & New Moon each month is a beautiful way to connect in, and realign with the powerful energy of the moon cycle.

Everything in life is cyclical, from the seasons, the moons and even our monthly menstrual cycle. As women we are incredibly in tune with these shifts in nature. Learning and playing in the energy of these seasons of life we are able to foster beautiful growth and change in our lives.

I attended my first ever women’s circle back in 2018 and found so much safety and expansion within these beautiful spaces. It was so clear to me from early on, that creating more of these accessible spaces for women was something my soul yearned for.

So at the beginning of 2020 I launched Moon Medicine. These sacred moon circles are all about diving into the themes of that moons specific energy, connecting with a sisterhood of likeminded women and tuning inwards to the wisdom of our hearts.

Each circle is different, as are the themes and energy we will be playing in! Come join the rad community of women who attend these events, and take some time for you.

First time coming to a circle? AMAZING!! There is no need to feel nervous or like you are not welcome. These spaces are for any woman looking for a bit more. Most women come alone, and leave with a new sister. If you have any questions about these evenings, please don’t hesitate to reach out on instagram!

I cannot wait to see you there. x

Next Full Moon Circle:

Join for an evening of reconnection, expression and releasing under the energy of the emotionally expressive Leo Full Moon.

Monday February 10th 7-9pm

Tickets $34 through Eventbrite

Next New Moon Circle:

Join for an evening of heart centred, creative expression and intention setting under the energy of the flowy and boundless Pisces New Moon.

Monday February 24th 7-9pm

Tickets $34 through Eventbrite

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